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Land is one of the most crucial elements in real estate. It’s also one of the most neglected. If you have a piece of land that you are not using, it is time to start making money. Today, we’ll show you how to make your land more profitable.

Plant Trees for Shade and Wind Protection

Bare land is at considerable risk for erosion. You don’t want to lose your most valuable resource. Plant trees around your property to provide shade and wind protection, which will help prevent soil erosion.

Trees are also great for attracting birds so that you can build birdhouses or plant feeders near them as well. With greater biodiversity, you’ll also have access to better quality food, medicine, and wood.

Not to mention that trees will earn money once they are harvested. If you plant fruit trees, you not only enjoy all these benefits but supplement your diet and enjoy better health.

Upgrade Your Soil to Improve Crop Yields and Quality

Poor soil quality is the number one problem for most farmers worldwide, so it’s important to upgrade your soil if you want better yields. You can do this by composting or adding fertilizer into your land every year before planting time starts.

Consider doing a soil test to know what kind of amendments are needed to improve your land’s health. You can also plant cover crops, which will prevent soil erosion and hold nitrogen. This means plants grown on that land later won’t need as much added fertilizer for healthy growth.

Host Social Events

If you are not using your land now, then it may be a promising idea to build something on top of it that will encourage others to come to visit. A treehouse is an excellent way to host events like kid’s birthdays and garden picnics.

You can also post on social media sites about your land, giving updates, and sharing activities. This will encourage people to come out for a visit if they are nearby or get involved with your community in some way that involves the land you have available.

Add Solar Panels for Energy Efficiency

Harnessing green energy is a fantastic way to make your land more profitable. Solar panels are an excellent solution because they require very little maintenance, and you can generate power from them for a long time without much investment.

They also add value to the aesthetics of your property while saving you from hefty electricity bills. Plus, they paint you as a renewable resource-conscious individual, which some people are very passionate about.

Install a Pond on Your Land for Fishing and Recreation

Ponds can be an excellent way to improve your land’s value, though they require some maintenance depending on the type of fish you have in it or vegetation around it.

Apart from meeting your home consumption needs, it can be a great way to give yourself something fun and relaxing to do with your free time. Raising your fish from the fingerling stage to maturity is a rewarding process that requires lots of patience, but it can also be a wonderful way to bond with your family.

In addition, you can sell the fish you catch in the pond and get some money. If your customers like your fish, they’re likely to place orders, and you might be surprised how much you will make.

Offer Farm Stays and Workshops to Tourists

Farm stays are perfect for those who enjoy getting hands-on experience with farming activities, while workshops offer an educational experience on various topics that might interest your target audience.

For instance, if you’re a reputable dairy farmer, you can teach tourists about the dairy farming process, from milking to cheese-making, and even let them try their hand at it. Charging a fee for this will be another source of income for you.

If your farm is in a serene location, think about offering weekend getaways and overnight accommodations to tourists who seek an escape from city life or want to enjoy some peace with their loved ones.

Install an Irrigation System

Without a reliable water supply for your crops, your land will not be profitable. And even if you have water, you need to be able to irrigate your crops so that you can maximize their growth.

There are many types of irrigation systems available, but if you are on a budget, choose an automatic irrigation system that will be set to water your crops at the right amount and time. This way, you can focus on other important work that needs your attention.

Install a Fence

Fences are not just for decoration; they can also serve as protection from animals and trespassers who might be looking to cause trouble in the area you have invested so much time and effort into cultivating.

Several types of fencing materials are available, but choose strong, durable quality if you want to keep your investment protected. If your budget allows, consider electric fencing for a more effective barrier.

Establish a System to Harvest Rain Water

Every year, rainwater flows off from gutters into lakes and waterways, when it can transform idle land if harvested. Harvesting rainwater is a terrific way to save money on your bills and make daily operations more efficient.

You can build underground cisterns or elevated tanks for this purpose. For extra convenience, consider installing gutters that lead directly to these containers to ensure you’re capturing the maximum flow for quick filling.

Having a sieve at the inlet is also a clever idea. This will allow you to filter out debris before filling your containers with water and remove organic matter like leaves or twigs that would cause water quality problems.

Find a Helping Hand

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to perform any of these tasks on your land, consider hiring a land management company to do the work for you. Let Advantage Realty and Land Management help you get the most out of your land with our property management services.

We’ll work to maximize profits, minimize expenses, and ensure that everything complies with local regulations for you. With a team of experts on hand to take care of every detail, all you have to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor while we handle everything else. If this sounds like what you need – give us a call today.

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